: Note the following points when check in.

Meals are not provided. This is a self- catering facility.

This house has three rooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests.
Reservation Rooms : No1~ No3 Check-in time 15:00  ~ by 19:00.
House Chartering : No4  Check-in time 13:00 ~ by 19:00.
Check-in time by 19:00. *Please arrive here by 19:00.
Check-out time by 10:00. 
Security deposit for 1 group is 5000 yen.
At check out, we will return this to you if there is no damage.
If there is damage, we will keep the 5000 yen.
Loss of key, damage to equipment, etc. will be charged.
In case of dirt, additional cleaning fee is charged.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Thank youi

Rooms 1 空 and 2 海


Accommodation expenses = 1 night 1 person 3000 yen.

The price for age 2 and over children is also the same But, the same amount if you need a bed.

Deposit for 1 group is 5000yen.

Capacity: by 4 people, Private room.

Can sleep on the 4 bunk beds.
Long term stay is up to one week. There is air conditioning.




Room 3 和 Japanese style


Accommodation expenses = 1 night 1 person 2500yen.

The price for child is also the same.

Deposit for 1 group is 5000yen.

Capacity : 2 people, Private room. 

This room has two  beds.

This room can only be used by adults and children over

10 years old. Long term stay is up to one week. 

NOTE: There air conditioning in this room.Only a cold fan, and electric heater.





There are also there's a variety of instant noodles  snacks drinks Liquors and other kinds of simple foods...there might be a food product change.

The store is a 10~15minute on the bike from here.
There is a Okonomiyaki (Jp pizza) and restaurant.
It’s very popular among foreigners. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday every week, Order Stop is 19:00.
You can use the washing machine for free. The kitchen includes a fridge, microwave, electric kettle and various kitchen utensils. See the beauty of Omishima island and Hakatajima island from the kitchen window. You can also swim as the beach is immediately behind the building. There is also a shower outside so you can wash the sand from your body before going inside.



House Chartering


Private house.
Capacity : 10 people.
Deposit : 5000 yen.
Accommodation expenses : 28000 yen.

It has been reserved, so other customers can't use it.
Long term stay is up to one week. Room 1, 2, 3 and all rooms.