I will inform you estimated time to complere shimanami kaido by bike.

★From Onomichi
People with confidence in physical power is 4~5 hours.
Guest is
average 6.5 hours.  Distance equal to approx 63 km, from Onomichi.

Please let me know when you get to the Hakatajima island. 

I may be outside the island.


★From Imabari
People with confidence in physical power is 2 hours.  Guest is average 3~4 hours.
Newbie and child is about 4 and a half hours. Distance equal to approx 20 km, from Imabari.

Please let me know when you get on the Oshima island. 

I may be outside the island.


★★Please do not make a mistake!! 
Oshima Island  and Omishima Island is Very similar.
Guesthouse Yadokari is located in the Oshima island.

Check-in time 3:00 pm ~ by 19:00.
Please come here by 19:00.

If there is no contact until 19 o'clock on the day, it will be considered as cancellation.

Please understand

There are only few streetlights in this area, please take care in coming.


☆Shimanami Kaidou is 6 islands☆
Onomichi → Mukoujima island - Innoshima island - Ikuchijima island - Omishima island - Hkatajima island - Oshima  island ← Imabari.


Popular sightseeing spots among foreign visitors


Most temples in Japan are funded by many people, but this temple was funded by one man. Not just a temple - the caves and Italian-style buildings were all funded by him!



★Ookunojima island, which is also called Rabbit island

There are more than 700 friendly rabbits living wild, all over the island.



★ Ooyamazumi Shrine(National Treasure) 

It is said that your dream will come true if you can run three times around the big, 2600 year old tree.



★Kirou mountain look out- observatory

The view from this look out is really great!

It is ranked 2nd in the best scenery 2016 in Japan.

At 307.8m, it's a tough climb but do your best! 



★Murakami pirate museum

You can learn about the "pirates" and you can also dress up in Japanese-style armor!